About Us

Our Mission & Vision

We don't have to ask you how many times you've waited through that dreaded hours or days delivery window. And sometimes it never even comes. The worst.

You've probably also had a package swiped from your doorstep. Or gambled that whatever you just bought is going to fit into some grade school locker system. Or unwittingly played a part in "last mile" logistics by hauling your own boxes home from work. On the bus.

Not ideal right? We didn't think so either. Luckily it turns out lots of people agree with us. The problem is that the "last mile" of the package delivery process is still broken, and it all gets fixed when the customer is put in control.

Getting retailers with the times

We started Deliver Cargo because we believe that there is a level of communication and customer control that is missing from the most important moment of ecommerce: the moment when you actually get your stuff.

Imagine one package delivery service that you can depend on to deliver in exactly hour(s) or day(s) given delivery windows. Full detailed, tracking platform for you can know the status of your delivery. And last but not least, delivery folks with smiles that customers know by name.

Delivered with care

The Deliver Cargo process is not a black box. Pro-active communication and intuitive control for our partners and customers is at the core of every feature.

We're thankful to have met the thousands of customers we have gotten to know so far, and excited to meet many more people every day who could use a little more of their time back.